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As people we use words and thoughts about the future.  Why not use our thoughts to try to envision a better future instead of contemplating it with doom and gloom? Hope replaces sadness with possibilities and fear with courage. We should consciously embrace the hope we have for our lives calling it to us.  How do we do that? Risk the possibilities of letting go of anything that is not serving us and let hope fill that void.

It takes time to change a mindset, but worth every single second.

ope should be woven into the every day tapestry of our lives. It feeds us at soul level and becomes our resource of strength to face daily challenges. Look around at the small miracles of nature for inspiration… birds singing, butterflies posing for a picture or a puppy approaching you with trust. They promise hope for a tomorrow with a better outlook.  When positivity is the first reaction to sadness or fear, we can help neutralize the bad energy that the circumstance can attract.


Born in a blizzard, I am well-aware of the forces of nature that can change the definition of our journey. Coming into the world in a big way pre-determined the style in which I would live my life; big, out loud and with great passion. That meant opening myself up to ridicule, criticism and lots of injuries. I cried through the pain, laughed at myself and the things I couldn’t change, and smiled… even if it was only in my heart and couldn’t translate to my face.

My smile holds a deep secret.  Sharing that secret can catapult me back to a time of injury, sickness and trauma.  The abandonment and isolation that comes with it can destroy the human spirit, but this is my story of hope.  I live an amazing life full of adventure and excitement. I have experienced great joy and seen things I never thought were possible.  Pushing the envelope in all my endeavors, I live hard, play hard and trust my gut instincts.   Despite that wonder, there was tragedy so horrific, I completely lost hope. The trajectory of my life was forever changed…an unfamiliar path filled with setbacks and unimaginable pain.

Let's get creative and collaborate! 

Emerging artists can submit a mockup design of my upcoming book A Promise of Hope. Winner may be contracted by the publishing company. 

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It takes time to change a mindset, but worth every single




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